5 . 3 0 . 1 7 

1. There is a distinct difference between a jump and a fall. I think about this a lot. Sometimes the resulting feelings are similar, but the intent involved makes a really big difference.

2. Indulge in daydreams. And not just the aspirational ones. I was in the car alone on some country roads today and had the rare opportunity to let my mind wander. I ended up having the loveliest daydream. It's totally embarrassing, but it's doubtful after almost a year of working on this project that this is the first time I will have embarrassed myself. So here it goes...I was at MoMA and walked into one of my favorite galleries. It was empty except for a man sitting on a bench with his back facing me. He was intently staring at one of my favorite paintings. I knew in an instant it was Bono. I sat beside him and said, "So what do you see?" He said, "A lovely woman sitting next to me in an empty museum." I said, "Now I'm sweating." He said, "Now we are even," as he showed me his sweaty palms. I gave him a hug, he kissed my cheek and I got up and walked away. I'll let you all know when that one comes true.

3. There is no center. And it is certainly not you. There are an estimated 10 trillion galaxies in the universe. While it may seem possible that we are at the center of all that, it just isn't true. We have a very, very, temporary part to play and while our actions can have great impact, gravity will either cease or continue with zero input from us. Somehow, this makes me feel better.

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