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1. Making room. I bought my first pair of Dansko clogs in 2004. I was working on a Master's in Clinical Psychology and had just been accepted to an internship at a local locked adolescent psychiatric unit. I knew I would be on my feet a lot, and needed a sturdy closed toe shoe. I figured I might as well wear what all the nurses wore and bought a pair in black to wear during my hours at the unit. The work was incredibly challenging and rewarding, and also very intense. It was both the best experience and the worst experience all at the same time. When my internship was over, I suffered from PTSD and was luckily, with help, able to get better rather quickly. Still, I kept the clogs and continued to wear them, as for those of you who know, they are incredibly comfortable. As we have moved from house to house over the last few years, there has always been a discussion as to whether or not I was going to take the clogs. They have been worn beyond repair for several years now, but each time it came up, I just couldn't part with them. The last time my husband and I did a major overhaul of our bedroom I put them aside to get rid of and my husband took them out of the "going" pile and said, "are you sure?" Again, I just couldn't part with them. Today, while we were getting things back in order after the holiday weekend, the clogs came out from under the bed. This time I was ready. I bought a new pair last year, and the ones I have now so much more clearly reflect my current life. Artist, yogi, and tree hugger mountain mama. Such a departure from the path I previously walked in the same shoes. This time they went in the "going" pile, along with a life that I am happy and resolved to say goodbye to.

2. I need to have the words, "this too shall pass," tattooed on my forehead. It always does, but shit if it isn't a daily fight to remember that.

3. Send music to your friends. Text, email, send records, whatever. Do it. And ask for the same in return. It's a great way to discover and rediscover music and a surprisingly intimate way to better know your friends. What are you listening to?

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