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1. Never forget your beginnings. The people who lifted you up when your ideas were at their most newborn and vulnerable. Those who really took a chance on your talent and ideas. While you may not be able to repay them directly, reach back to grab the hand behind you and pull forward.

2. Don't be afraid to go back in. Paul Simon and U2 are both in the process of revisiting work from the past decades. Both feeling the freedom to change words and music to songs that for many of us are anthems. I love the fearlessness of that and the complete artistic confidence in knowing that time, space, and experience makes their revisiting so much more rich. As an artist I am so inspired by this idea. As a human, it gives me hope and comfort that we can always go back in and re-edit.

3. The heart is often inaccurate. I've been in love exactly four times in my life. I feel pretty lucky. And the men I've fallen in love with, including my husband, are all extraordinary, big hearted, and creative people. When I moved to San Francisco over 20 years ago, I crossed the country with a heavy heart. Feeling that I was very much leaving a man that I loved and that it went very much unrequited. I felt this in my heart for quite some time and the day before I met my husband I had a dream where I was finally saying goodbye and setting my heart free. But until then, I was hurt, embarrassed and somewhat ashamed that I had foolishly fallen hard for someone who didn't feel the same way about me. Turns out this was completely inaccurate! I woke this morning remembering a few significant exchanges where it was clear that this man did indeed love me. Quite deeply. We couldn't make it work in the way I needed it to, and in the end I was the one who rejected him. Though my heart remembered things quite differently.

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