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1. Letting go. This morning I gave my daughter's stroller to a good friend who is expecting her first child. It symbolized the end of an era. It feels strange not to need a stroller anymore. One of those many moments of parenthood filled with both excitement and grief.

2. I continue to be in deep awe and inspired by the incredible women who grace my life.

3. I was listening to an interview with U2 this morning and Bono said something that got my wheels spinning. The band was reflecting on what it means artistically to perform work from 30 years ago. Outside of Bono laughing at his younger voice and hair styles, he said something that really made me pause. While he is older now and would choose different words than he did 30 years ago (and sometimes at live performances he does), the sentiment behind those words remains the same. That struck me. As an artist looking back at my work, designs, business, and life - hopefully there is a thread. While we choose different materials at different stages, if the sentiment remains overtime, the work is a successful evolution. I'm still chewing on this one. More later.

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