5 . 14 . 1 7 

1. It's not a joke. Late last week I received an email that seemed too good to be true. As I read each word unfold on the screen instead of celebrating I was brought back to Junior High. I was mercilessly made fun of. We had just moved, I was taller than just about everyone, and not thin. I'm not going to even say I was fat because I wasn't, and who gives a shit if I had been. But I didn't look like all the other girls and I guess that was enough. I was asked out on fake dates by the boys, called fat to my face and pushed passed in the hallway to chants of wide load. It was total bullshit and I think part of me knew that, but it still hurt like crazy and probably drives much of my adult desire to smash the patriarchy into bits past any recognizable recovery. It's a lot to unpack. I don't think about it often but something about reading news that was so incredibly unbelievable made me think it was all one big taunt. Like I was being asked out on a date that would never happen. I went as far as to open the link in the email on my phone, because I was sure it was a virus and would destroy my computer. Turns out it wasn't and sometimes good things really are good things even in their youngest manifestation. Yet, here I am all these years later still holding on to all that bullshit. Until now. Smash smash.

2. Most often you know before you know.

3. Write everything down. My mind at the beginning of the day barely resembles my mind at the end of the day. Pen and paper that shit.

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