4 . 1 0 . 1 7 

1. Everyday there is potential for incredible loss and fulfillment. As I rode passenger side in the car today, a man at a nearby bus top caught my eye. In that moment I realized that I will most likely never see him again. We shared this brief moment of recognition, then poof. I was left wondering what I would learn if we interacted. Who he was, what mattered to him. It made me incredibly grateful for the people in my life who have allowed me into their world. Have taken the time to share themselves with me. It's kind of miraculous considering all the years and all the people throughout time, that we find each other.

2. It's different when it's your kid. It's different when it's your anyone. I think this can stand on its own here.

3. The Giant's won their home opener! Buster Posey also got beaned in the helmet by a 94 mile an hour fastball in the 1st inning and left the game early under concussion protocol. Reports say he is doing well. Get some rest Buster.

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