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1. Keep your sense of humor no matter what. Zelma, my grandmother, and Kingston, my grandfather nearly lost their two sons within the same year. My dad was severely injured in Vietnam in the late 60's and was recovering in a hospital in Japan for 6 months. I don't know much about what happened, it's my father's story to tell and he never has. I've heard bits here and there over the years. It was just a year ago that he finally opened his standard issue duffle bag that returned from the war with him. It still had the JFK airport luggage tag on it, which in 1969 was a small rectangular piece of paper marked JFK. My dad returned and my parents were married soon after. Not long after the wedding, my dad's brother was killed in a car accident at 21. They were 18 months apart in age. I still can't fathom the grief that my grandparents lived with after that. I suppose it never went away. When I think of them, I always remember them laughing. Zelma found humor in everything, and Kingston found humor in her. When I feel like the world is pushing down on my shoulders with greater weight than I can hold up I think of them and the grace of laughter.

2. It's true what they say about assumptions.

3. Sometimes there is only darkness in darkness. Luckily our eyes adjust.

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