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1. No regrets. I found this self-portrait today that I must have painted in about 1993 or so, when I was in high school. It stopped me in my tracks for many reasons, the biggest being that all of this, all of me, was there, then. If I had found this painting today and still been working as a psychotherapist I would have wondered what could have been if I continued my art practice. Instead, here I am. My road has been long and winding, but I am exactly where I should be.

2. Also, my daughter asked to hang the painting in her room, which made me cry, and then said at bedtime, "Wow, mama that painting looks exactly like you." And then I cried some more.

3. "In the end , it doesn't really matter what you paint. It's all just a routine to connect yourself finally with other people." - Chris Ofili. Amen, right?

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