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1. Sometimes success is completely reliant on outside forces. Thank you to my favorite Member's Desk attendant at the Legion of Honor/ DeYoung for generously giving us tickets to the sold out Monet show and then finding us in the gallery to give my daughter a pin that reads, "Show me the Monet." Also thanks to the woman in the restroom, who very kindly told me that my dress was tucked into the back of my tights and I was about to give everyone a peep show of my very ordinary underwear.

2. Trayvon Martin. For those of you living in California, Senator Kamala Harris is grateful for our postcards. Sending more #BlackLivesMatter tomorrow, keep them coming she says, so let's keep on sending them.

3. Full page in the New York Times today:

The truth is hard.

The truth is hidden.

The truth must be pursued.

The truth is hard to hear.

The truth is rarely simple.

The truth isn't so obvious.

The truth is necessary.

The truth can't be glossed over.

The truth has no agenda.

The truth can't be manufactured.

The truth doesn't take sides.

The truth isn't red or blue.

The truth is hard to accept.

The truth pulls no punches.

The truth is powerful.

The truth is under attack.

The truth is worth defending.

The truth requires taking a stand.

The truth is more important now than ever. - NYT

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