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1. Don't forget the salt. It's what makes the cookies sweet.

2. The line between fact and fiction is an agreement. I was listening to an interview with novelist George Saunders this morning on NPR. He was answering questions about his new book, Lincoln in the Bardo. The interview concluded with a discussion about what happens when facts get confused with fiction. Saunders had many interesting things to say, one of which was fiction has everything to do with location and agreement. He gave an example of when we go to the theatre, we don't argue that the brick wall on the stage is fake. We are agreeing that we are in a theatre and one of the rules of the theatre is that we accept that the entire event is a performance. It makes sense for the wall to be fake. We expect it to be, but we buy into the farce because it is a performance. When we view a press conference, I'm paraphrasing here, and the person speaking points to an alligator and calls it a hippo, that is not a location of agreement. Here we expect fact. Saunders goes on to speak about how this is the place where one sides pushes on the other to change the rules. It's a fascinating interview for many reasons, but I found this part particularly interesting.

3. Beyonce.

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