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1. Happy Birthday Darwin! The father of evolution, Charles Darwin was born this day, February 12, 1809. Where would we be without him? (I think we know it's Jesus riding a dinosaur). Luckily the American Museum of Natural History has created the Darwin Manuscript Project, which compiles Darwin's work and studies. The database as a whole contains over 96,000 pages of manuscript. To date, 16,300 pages have been transcribed and presented online and they are endlessly fascinating.
2. San Francisco Giants pitchers and catchers report to spring training tomorrow. That's all I need, to say the road to the 2017 World Series has officially begun.
3. Hand written notes are really important. I read a great one from a friend this morning and it made my day. I loved seeing her handwriting, feeling the paper between my fingers, and the slight depth that the pen created as she pressed down to write each letter.

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