2 . 0 7 . 1 7 

1. With love comes fear. My daughter is going through a very intense stage right now where she is fearful of something happening to me. All the questions are coming right now, about death, life, illness, God, and none of them I have a sure and steady answer for. The only thing I can offer as being true is that when we love, we fear. And that never really goes away. The rest, what happens and why is up to her to decide.

2. This image of the fist was taken from a protest art book I have. The image, Untitled, is attributed to the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and is a poster from the Harvard Student Strike of 1969. We learned of the passing of a close family friend this morning and I know he would have really liked this image. There will be a little extra kickass in my resistance, as I carry him with me to every protest, in every postcard, and every phone call I make.

3. Sandra Bland who died tragically while in police custody after being arrested following a traffic violation in 2015 would have turned 30 today.

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