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1. Rage Against the Machine. Released in 1992, this album was and in some respects still is very much ahead of it's time. I've been listening to it a lot lately.

2. Mr. Rogers was a bad ass revolutionary. In case you didn't know. My daughter has been watching Mister Roger's Neighborhood starting from the very beginning. The black and white episodes, where Fred looks like a fresh faced college kid in an ill fitting sweater. Each episode is incredibly beautiful and also revolutionary from both a childhood development and social perspective. In what has become an iconic episode dating back to 1969, Mr. Rogers invites Officer Clemons, played by Francois Clemons - the first African American to have a recurring role on a children's show, to soak his feet in a pool with him. As they got out of the tub, Fred helped Francois dry his feet. You can watch old episodes on Amazon Prime and Netflix. It's feel good, for real.

3. There are about 25,000 different species of bees in the world. Around 4,000 in the US alone. The 25,000 species are divided into 4,000 genera, within 9 groups. Buzz.

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