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The second strangest thing that happened on January 20th 2017, was that my home was struck by lightening. Here's what I learned as we tried to figure out exactly what happened.

1. At 3:30 am on Friday, during a tremendous thunderstorm, a house shaking boom occurred outside my bedroom window. I was awake and as the incredibly loud noise cracked and shook the house, I saw a flash of bright red light. We jumped from bed thinking lightening must have hit a tree, but as we raced around the house looking for damage, we couldn't find anything.

2. My daughter apparently sleeps through both earthquakes, and the house being struck by lightening. Good to know I guess.

3. In the morning, my parents, who live in an in-law on our property, reported that their TV wasn't working. After a conversation with both Comcast Cable Company and Sony, it was hypothesized that the lightening struck concrete outside the house, sparked when it hit (hence the red light) and then needed a place to ground out. The closest current was the breaker for the cable box, which blew out after being struck, and that being attached to the TV, blew out the TV. As bizarre as this sounds, it was not extraordinary to either the cable company or the customer service representative at Sony. What is extraordinary is that I can say that I have actually seen lightening strike. Whoa.

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