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1. Twenty years ago today, at nearly 21 years old, I boarded a plane leaving from JFK to SFO. I was coming out to California to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. I had little idea what different directions my life would take at 21 nonetheless out here in California, but I knew I had to come here. It has been an exhilarating 20 years and I don't know how much I would even recognize that brave and tenacious girl who moved out here, not knowing a single soul. We all seemed to find each other though, those of us who decided to wander far and wide. We became family, watched each other grow and change. Now we have our own kids, and dogs, and mortgages. On our third and fourth careers, we've celebrated, mourned, and seen each other rise up, take charge, and sit on the sidelines. It was an amazing time to be in San Francisco, there was so much promise. It felt like anything was possible. I think that's where I know that girl again, I still believe in the possibility of California.

2."We all need to ask questions we've never asked before about the work we do from now on." - Jay Smooth aka Ill Doctrine. A friend turned my on to Ill Doctrine today. If you don't know Jay Smooth, google that shit.

3. Science Friday on NPR is endlessly fascinating. I promise not to go too long without listening again.

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