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1. Spend as much time as you can with fellow artists. Today completely recharged my spirit.

2. I don't ever really ask for help with growing my business. It makes me super uncomfortable. Even though me helping someone else grow their business feels super good. So here it goes, help me grow my business. I want to turn These 3 Things into a book, my designs to be featured in more fashion editorials, and Zelma Rose to be carried by more stores. Just typing this makes me feel really, really, really uncomfortable. In fact I totally want to delete it. But I'm not. Eeeeeeek.

3. I have an old boyfriend who really hurt my heart, but introduced me to the music of Gil Scott Heron. Needless to say, all heartache has been forgiven. I listened to Pieces of a Man this afternoon and had forgotten how much I love that album.

What did you learn today? Join me by using the #thesethreethings and commenting below with your own These Three Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.