For about 20 or so years, I believed that I was one of very few people to own a Gibson Hummingbird in all cherry stain. Traditionally, the Gibson Hummingbird is stained in what is known as a sunburst style. It’s beautiful. The center of the guitar is a light golden color (it appears to be glowing) and this deepens into a beautiful red cherry stained wood as the color reaches the edges of the instrument. My Gibson is from 1976. A factory second and stained full cherry due to a dark board that appears in the center of the guitar. It was too dark to take the yellow stain, so the entire guitar was stained cherry. Making it very unusual.

This afternoon during homeschool, work, and a bathroom renovation, we were watching a U2 concert from the Elevation tour, in celebration of the 20 year anniversary release of All That You Can’t Leave Behind. It was on in the background while we all worked away, singing and checking in from time to time to see exactly how much Bono was sweating and compare that to Adam who looked liked he was in a perfectly temperature controlled environment (historically, this man never looks stressed. Never). To my surprise, toward the end of the show, Bono checks the tuning on an acoustic guitar. Wait what? In his hands and resting across his chest is a Gibson Hummingbird. All cherry. It’s perfect and matches the color of the red heart shaped stage outline that hugs the first few rows of the audience. I gasp and giggle and take great delight in this very silly coincidence. Hooray for crushes, and music, and Bono, and Gibson. I’ll take all the delight I can find.

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