It would be weird if you weren’t. I’m going to be writing a JOY IS NOW THEORY episode about this, but for now, know that what you are feeling, all the feelings. In all the ways. The intensity. Yes. Now is the correct time to be emotionally overwhelmed. It would be weird if you weren’t.

Working with adolescents requires a tearing down of your own bullshit. You just can’t get away with it. Teenagers are bullshit detectors, and if you want to earn their trust, you have to lead with transparency. I said this phrase , it would be weird if you weren't, often to my adolescent patients and there is something very liberating about it. I could feel the air pressure in the room decrease when I would say it. It was like we were both floating in space trying to find gravity, then whoosh. We were grounded. I say this to myself a lot. And to my kid nonstop, especially as she ages and develops her own very skilled bullshit detector. It's a good mantra to take out every now and then. Now seems like the time to use it. It would be weird if you weren't.

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