1. $750 is ridiculous. I’ve found more money in a set of couch cushions.

2. Turns out when it comes to activism, I’m the person who does the unsexy stuff. The repetitive data collection. The quiet moving toward something. The silent gathering of information. Turns out that person can also be the most dangerous. Nothing like being presented with what you have or have not done, faced, acknowledged, and worked through. The quiet snake in the grass. Hello there. Hisssss. Chomp.

3. Dax Shepard, host of Armchair Expert offers a humbling episode about his relapse this week. So much to unpack. So much to learn. So much to see and to acknowledge that sobriety and what it requires is big. And heavy. And very REAL. In the big all caps way life can be REAL. It’s about life and death. And what we will do to convince ourselves, to reconcile or not reconcile, to justify. That’s a big one. What we all do to justify. All the things. Let’s have more conversations in this place. Of where things are REAL. Because that’s all we’ve got.

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