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1. Baseball makes everything better. I must remember this.

2. Today we went on our annual ball park tour of AT+T Park. It goes without saying I love the Giants, and this being our 5th tour, you'd think we would pretty much know the score. But each year we manage to learn something new and it all just makes me love the Giants and baseball even more. Which I often think is impossible. I'm obsessed. Completely.

3. When a player retires, the entire game misses him. Frank, our tour guide today waxed nostalgic about David Ortiz. I suspected that of course Boston fans would miss him, along with the Red Sox organization, but it never occurred to me that staff all around the country who also got to know him, and his habits, would miss him too. When in town, Big Papi would show up for night games at AT+T Park at 10:30 am sharp. This was even earlier than some of the Giants players. He spent most of his time before the game in the batting cages, listening to music on headphones and chatting up the stadium staff. When tours would come through (before the MLB changed access regulations) Big Papi would welcome them into the batting cages, talk with Giants fans and sign autographs. This made me super happy. Long live baseball.

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