To Poet Laureate Ross Gay,

For that is surely who you will be, but at the same time so much more. And different in ways than all the ones who came before.

In the way you pointed out a color. Stopping time as if to say, "slow down." Or, "Come with me. We are going to watch a movie I know. The same color appears on a wall in a scene 25 minutes into the film. That is the color you should paint" And then yes. It is spectacular. And yes. I paint it.

Or while waiting in line for sandwiches and the scent of mango from my shampoo becomes the thing we must talk about. For the next 43 minutes. In the most beautiful of ways.

There was always a delight. And a sorrow.

You are in on a secret the rest of us wish we knew.

Please don't ever fully tell us.

The not knowing. That is my delight.



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