Joe Biden wasn't my first choice. Kamala Harris was, and still is, but this post isn't about her. I've been watching the Democratic convention in bits and pieces. We don't keep the news on at home and if you have young children, you shouldn't either. That's not the opinion of an overzealous mom, but one of an early childhood developmental expert. Facts. Anyway, I've been catching up on the speeches in the early morning before the kiddo wakes up. It's been a nice quiet time to myself to essentially hope for hope. Sometimes I find it, other times I feel cynical and wonder if the theories I adhere to psychoanalytically will betray us. Psychoanalysts would say that the pendulum will swing the other way. And the other way hard. Hence, Obama to Trump. Hypothesizing that Trump to Biden solves the same major swing. Sort of like physics. All actions have and equal and opposite reaction. This theory stacks on top of other ideas that point to the United States as a country being in its adolescence. This holds strongly when we think of it compared to the age and history of other countries. We are just a bunch of teenagers with wild ideals. That's what makes this country so energetic and inspiring. The same hormonal rush that makes teenagers think anything is possible. It's a hopeful energy, an angry energy, but most importantly, an energy that makes us all think we can accomplish great things and live forever. Goonies got it right all those years ago with, "Never Say Die." That's how we roll. For better or worse.

While I was out looking for hope the last few days, I found passion. Great passion. And most surprisingly, from Joe Biden himself. Artists get passion. We see it immediately. Understand it. And know when it is feigned. It is probably my favorite part of being a creative person in this world. Seeing passion in my fellow creatives. Drive, love, unyielding desire for the craft, no matter what. I saw that in Joe Biden last night. Passion. Seeping out through every pore. No one writes themselves as the villain of their own story. And yes, Joe Biden will let people down in some ways. Whether it is through his own decisions or the inability to convince the other branches of government to agree with his stance. What he won't do though, is not love the job. I can promise you that. He loves what he does. It's in his words. The way he speaks. His passion is in the room before he walks in. I can see it. The way I see it in another artist. There simply isn't another way for him to live. He found it. And hope aside, seeing passion in someone who is signing on to hold an enormous weight feels like a much needed dose of inspiration. So whether you agree with him or not, vote. And consider the love of the job. It matters. Especially now.

Stepping down from my soapbox.

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