1. New things are fun and also hard. Truly understanding what an endeavor entails is usually pretty eye opening. I guess the biggest is, once you know, how badly do you want it?

2. It would be hilarious to come out of this pandemic and still be the person who needs to have a plan for everything. I hope I can continue to let that go.

3. I broke my toe about 3 days into the shelter in place back in March. I remember saying to a friend, "either this is the best time to break a toe, or the worst time." Turns out it was probably the best time. There weren't many places to go and I could hobble around for a few months without feeling like I was watching the world pass me by. But I wonder, what if we always asked ourselves that question. How many of us will make the choice toward the best time, even if both options really piss us off.

So many questions.

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