My new favorite question, “So what are you going to do about it?” Courtesy of Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris.

I have yet to find a mantra this year. I was playing around with something that George McCalman had said when he was a guest on the Biased Cuts Podcast - he said, "We all know what we want. We know. It's mainly fear that keeps us from moving forward." Shit yeah. How deeply does that ring true? I have combined mantras before and I'm still finding the combination of words between these two ideas that feels right in my bones. For today I'll answer the question, "So what are you going to do about it?" And hope that tomorrow or the next day, I can find the words, fully.

1. Speak before I’m ready. Speak when I’m afraid. Speak when I’m the only person in the room who disagrees. Support those who speak in their own way in their own time. Believe people when they tell me their experience and support them in the ways they ask.

2. Raise my daughter to always push back. Hard. Even if it gets her in trouble. Most likely it will be good trouble. I’ll be right there behind her.

3. Keep those I love curious, always asking the questions, and pushing inch by inch, mile by mile. Have faith in the long game, the long haul, the marathon. If I love you, I’ll remind you and ask, “what are you doing about it?”

There is much to be done. And I love you.

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