We are reaching a time of year that is ripe with anxiety. Psychoanalysts know that our collective stress is pushed this time of year, as transition nears. It not only rests in the changing of seasons. We approach fall and winter and move from the season of light and life to one of darkness and withering. But we also face a great transition. The time of year that marks a return to school. It can not be emphasized enough the significant influence institutionalized education has had on society. So much so , that there are emotional swells that occur during the time of year when children enter back into school and when they finish for the year. It is no wonder that we are holding so tightly to these systems, even during a time when they are falling away and their survival and functioning lies beyond our complete control. We have become accustomed to the structure. With little time to consider whether it even makes sense. It has been interesting to work through a time where a structure that has shaped our lives so deeply has been interrupted. If we listen, there is much to be learned in the absence.

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