1. Over the past few weeks I have been incredibly encouraged by friends making out of the box decisions. Whether it's moving all the furniture out of a living room to fill it with pillows, or deciding that school was never really a good idea, to starting over alone in a small town you've never been to. I love the what the fuck of it all.

2. Also, encouraged by the difference a very small group of people can make. In it for the long haul, but also celebrating the small victories along the way.

3. Just keep going. Trying hard to not get caught up in the how or why. Just keep making. Then give its value away. Not my job to determine that. Ooof. So hard for me to do.

Also, I hardly ever create symmetry with my photographs, but the shape of this moth I found resting on our porch, just begged to be edited with a twin.

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