1. A daily practice doesn't need to be deep. My daughter just finished watching every single Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons. I think there are about 30 episodes or so. Not sure what will come of it. But I'm curious to see how it manifests. She laughed a lot and that is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a practice. So who am I to say it wasn't deep?

2. A red flag, is a red flag, is a red flag. My accuracy in identifying red flags is real good. And so what? Red flags are really good at being red flags, even if you see them coming. Ha!

3. There are many ways to get things done. I'm learning the best ingredients for an activist group are people that want to push the boundaries 100% and those that take a slower more methodical approach. I tend to fall in both camps, depending upon the topic. The full steam ahead crew keeps the slow and steady crew motivated. And the slow and steady crew, reminds the full steam ahead crew to be strategic. It's a good mix. In life and in activism.

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