I am learning that sometimes the best place to start is to start with someone else's idea. It's better than being stuck.

Much of my inspiration comes from alone time. And well, it's been pretty rare to come by these days. In fact since March 14th I've been awarded (let's be honest, that's really what it is) exactly one single day of alone time. So, needless to say, new ideas are not exactly flowing. I'm like a stopped up dam. Or more explicitly, I feel like I am constantly running around having to take an emergency shit and having to hold it in until I can get to the bathroom. This could be metaphorical and literal I guess. Alone bathroom time is also in high demand and short supply. I was frustrated for a while. Angry really. And don't get me wrong, I still very much am. I'm going to be angry for a while. I'm good with that. And to be honest I don't give a fuck who's not. But after a while, my creative juices need to flow. So I went back to what we do before we really know what to do. Color. Copy. Repeat. I started collecting stock photos of flowers. I upload them to Procreate and at night I trace them. Sometimes creating coloring pages for my kid. Other times panting over them digitally. The idea is to just do something. Anything. Without having to spend the emotional and mental investment in generating something new. It's been good. Not great. Bu a good lesson in getting what we need. Even minimally. As an artist, the real luck lies in the fact that all this gathering. Copy, trace, color, repeat, is building something entirely new under the surface. Someday a tree will emerge from these roots and crack the earth open with a loud pounding holler that shakes bodies. Until then, just water the seeds.

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