The Beach Boys Religion

The childhood house of one of my oldest friend's growing up would be filled year round with the music of the Beach Boys. Her dad LOVES the Beach Boys. The Beach Boys when they were new, the Beach Boys of the 80's and the Beach Boys now, total throwback. I can honestly say that the Beach Boys have never been a favorite of mine. With the exception of God Only Knows probably being one of the greatest love songs of all time. (If you haven't listened to it lately, do it now. It's a total gem). I can remember driving around town, all of us kids piled in the back of Kenny's van listening to, what else? The Beach Boys. Her dad would sing and get completely transported in the music like it was the absolute best thing he'd ever heard. He was a true believer in their magic. I didn't quite get it at the time. We had Beach Boys records growing up, one's left over from my parent's collection, but not being from California, I never really understood the vibe. Turns out I missed the whole point. The Beach Boys for Kenny were never about the vibe, or the songs. It was always about being able to be transported to that beach, in the warm sun, riding the waves. Anytime. Any place. For however long he needed. I totally get it now. There are probably few other bands that can transport you that quickly to a very specific feeling of joy, freedom, and just plain fun. I've tried with the Beach Boys, I really have. Closed my eyes, tried to buy in fully to the idea of transportation. But I'm just not a true believer. And oh how I wish I was. What a gift to be able to let go through a song filled with joy. Forever envious, Kenny.

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