Today marks the 1562nd consecutive day of this project. For those of us keeping track, that's 4 years of committing to the practice of writing three things I have learned each day every single day. No matter what. I could have never imagined when I started this project that the last 4 years would present themselves with challenges like the world has never seen. It feels strange to write that and know that it is a fact and not a well written sentiment to add drama to what is a very commonplace scenario. It's true. All of it. And that is terrifying and reassuring all at the same time. I can say for certain that I would not have faired as well as I have these past four years without this practice. There have been moments, sometimes long lasting ones, filled with hopelessness that I know I could only face with a commitment to curiosity and a desire to find meaning in what has often seemed meaningless. I use the word curiosity, because at heart I am a scientist. But I suppose faith and hope are part of the equation of this practice. On this day that marks a new milestone, I often like to reflect on the beginning of this project. There was something that had been building in me. A creative birth that needed to happen. A friend saw that and called me to action. And that simple noticing and call to action has sustained this daily practice for 4 years and counting. This project now has its own history, one that we all share, and that makes me proud. So here's to looking back in order to keep moving forward. And to do so with softness. Towards ourselves and each other.

July 22, 2016:

1. There is never enough time. In the day, in the week, in the year, and with the ones we love. If you are waiting for the right time, grab the god damn bull by the horns and make it the right time. The right time is the morning you wake up full of breath able to live another day.

2. Everything will change. EVERYTHING. Your relationships, your mind, your wisdom, beauty, friendships, body, health, job, finances, get it. Some changes are for the better, some are not, but life is more fun if you surrender to this fact.

3. You can ask for what you want in life but you don't get to decide the how and when. If you are waiting for a door to open, keep your eyes on the windows, the chimney, and the gutters. Life presents many possibilities when you are open to taking a different and unexpected perspective.

Join me by using the #thesethreethings and commenting below with your own These Three Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.