When the ceiling is low.

Sometimes the space we occupy is full of potential. Tall ceilings. Open windows. Full breaths. Alive energy. Other times space is tight. There is little room to stretch, move. With little potential for growth and change. We stay small. There is great dignity to the work of pushing on the ceiling, insisting on full breaths. Even drawing a window where you cannot find one. Artists are great at this. Sometimes all a space really needs is for someone to step up and be the first to hold their fist to the low suffocating ceiling and push back. Sometimes gently, other times with great force. Ultimately it is the commitment to push and hold up that ceiling VC and hope for a greater capacity that creates potential. But also, along with the pushing. The holding up. The work turns inward. Always inward. To work on our own capacity. The ability to live with the disappointment and frustration of ducking your head to enter a room with a very low ceiling. But not giving up on your important part in holding it up and pushing back.

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