This afternoon, after months of hoping to add another dog to our pack, the Dude came home with Bissel. Or Bistol, Or Busy. Maybe Margot? A small 3 year old maltese/poodle mix (maybe), she and her pack were so matted when they were rescued that they were all named after vacuums and mops. There is a name debate currently going on at the house. I am not one for changing a dog's name. But I might be out motioned on this one. I'm hoping Busy is a good compromise for everyone. So far, she is sweet, playful, and gets along well with two other dogs who are currently pretending she is not there. My daughter did this great sketch of Bissel on @procreate. I think it is my favorite picture of her so far. And since this afternoon there's been close to 50. Three cheers for dogs.

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