I was lucky enough to host friend and artist George McCalman on BIASED CUTS, the podcast I cohost with my friend and fashion designer, J’Amy Tarr. George had many insights to share during our conversation. He is a man of many insights. George's mind works in truly beautiful ways and to converse with him is to bask in the creativity and fearlessness of a true artist. Something he said during out conversation has been sitting with me ever since. J’Amy and I talk about it often, between the two of us, and have since shared the quote on more than a few episodes of BIASED CUTS. This is what he said; ""We all know what we want. We know. It's mainly fear that keeps us from moving forward."" At the end of my day I often come to this. Thoughts, anxieties I've had over the hours, fears, grief. all the feelings. They are all so palpable right now. Things are BIG. Yet, when the day comes to a close, I can trace every doubt, fear, discomfort, not knowingness, to this idea. I do indeed know what I want. I always do. It's fear that keeps me from grabbing it, knowing it, fighting for it, a lot sooner. This might perhaps be my new mantra. I'm going to sit with it for a while. Thanks, George.

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