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1. Aleppo. There are a million ways to help. Live with compassion, lead with your heart.

2. As I get older I find myself less sympathetic to the phrase, "I'm overwhelmed." The thing is, everyone is overwhelmed, and we all need to take a time out every now and then. But we also need to get back in the game and take action in our own lives and for those around us. Time doesn't stop and we need you. All of you, even the overwhelmed parts, the hideous beast, the happy go lucky, energetic, and the perpetually tired. Let's all agree to do what we need to do on the daily to stay less overwhelmed so we can show up, even with all our glamorous baggage.

3. Remember Erasure?! I heard "A Little Respect," at Trader Joe's this morning and had one of those moments where you look around and wonder why the rest of the store isn't totally losing their shit to the song. I continued to lose my shit and then texted my bestie.

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