I seemed to show up in San Francisco at just the right time. When I moved to California in 1997, San Francisco was full of the most wonderful thinkers and makers. It was right before the first dotcom bust and such a strange time to witness how money changed a city. The San Francisco I remember from the 90's has not existed since then. When I left my private practice and started Zelma Rose right before my daughter was born, I was part of a new revolution of artists, designers, and makers selling directly to the consumer. Events like Renegade Craft Fair were new and it was the first time artists were keeping business small and going against an expansion model of manufacturing. Since 2010 I’ve gotten to know a group of the most incredible artists and business people. It has been a great joy in my adult life to look to my bookshelf and see friends. To open my closet and see friends. To cook, clean, adorn, and relax all in the loving arms of friends. These @mohinders shoes always make me smile. I’ve taken Michael and Kristen on all my travels, wearing their shoes on airplanes, in hotel rooms, at camp sites, and on early morning coffee runs. These shoes are the first thing I slip on when I get home and the last thing I take off before bed. I carry a handbag large enough to take them with me, just in case. If a first aid kit had shoes, these would be in it.

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