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1. If you are a part of my kid's school and wondering who has been spiking the birthday book exchange with feminist girlcentric children's books, look no further. And you're welcome.

2. While talking about Serena Williams this morning, my daughter asked if we knew that the women who win the US Open don't get a trophy. "They get a plate. The men get a trophy. A plate is not a trophy. A trophy means you won. It's not the same thing." She's right it's not. When I told her it wasn't until recently that the women were awarded the same prize money as the men for winning the same tournament she was further displeased. The USTA will be hearing from us shortly.

3. These days it is difficult for me to watch the #pantsuitpower flash mob video without crying. We were so close, people. It hurts my heart. So much happiness and promise are felt in that video. Dance can communicate amazing things. At the end of the video is the following statement:


Because Love is Love

Because Black Lives Matter

Because climate change is real

Because women's rights are human rights

Because immigrants make America great

Because every vote matters"

I still celebrate these truths. They are my truths, and I live here too. And so, I dance.

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