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1. Funk that. Today I was in a total funk. There was no particular reason, just a fog that I couldn't shake. I heard from many of you that it was going around. What gives?

2. Tomorrow is December 1st and marks the beginning of one of my favorite holiday traditions, the Advent Calendar. I always had one as a kid, but never really understood the meaning behind it. My daughter is excited about her calendar beginning tomorrow, so I thought I would actually put some deeper meaning behind it this year. Here's what I discovered: The Advent Calendar counts the 24 days of December leading to the celebration of the birth of Christ. It was created by early 19th century Christians, and the first physical calendar dates back to 1851 and was handmade in Germany. Advent is broken down into four weeks, or four Sundays, to represent the 4,000 years that was spent waiting for the promised redeemer. I find it fascinating that during a time of seasonal death, there is a focus on the coming of a promise, a life that has been anticipated for centuries. Truly fascinating.

3. There is no substitute for a really good sweatshirt.

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