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1. There were a good 5 years there where I hated Christmas. I had my first miscarriage on Christmas Eve in 2008. There were about a hundred more coming, but my first was the hardest and it left me so blue around Christmas, even after my daughter was born. I think I carried all the following losses in that first one for a long time. Last year, I remember really feeling like I fully loved the holidays as much as I used to. This year I can feel fully present in decorating the house, planning what cookie recipes to try, and getting excited about giving gifts. It makes me realize that there were a few years there that I was phoning it in for my daughter's sake but in my private moments just not feeling it. It's relieving to feel less emotional weight this time of year, but also sad somehow to feel farther away from it all.

2. I am super into Christmas music. I like listening to it, but I LOVE singing it. My favorite to sing is Oh Holy Night because of all those crazy octave changes.

3. Rubber gloves are a good choice when working with fresh holiday greenery. I was adding some fresh clippings from our yard to a few wreaths today and the gloves saved the day. Why this seems genius to me now is both funny and somewhat humiliating. Like I couldn't figure out to wear rubber gloves a long time ago?!

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