Field Notes
The Path of Least Resistance Pt 1
The Squirrel Part 2

The next day while walking past the front window I saw a rather large grey squirrel digging through the succulent pot. He was very involved. His hind legs were practically up in the air and quite a bit if his head was hidden by a hole he had dug in the dirt. I watched him for a few moments and then went outside to take a closer look once he walked away. It was a bit more of a mess than the day before, but I easily placed the plants back in the pot and put the stones back on the dirt. I had a moment of knowing for certain I was testing the waters, but was driven by my curiosity to see what would happen. Would he dig up the pot again? Had he found what he was looking for?

The pot has remained in tact for the last couple of days, which has me thinking quite a lot about this path of least resistance idea. Living in close contact with wildlife I walk the line between resistance and flexibility daily. It is a funny thing to know that what makes sense to you, whether it is through logic, aesthetic, or emotion means nothing to the being you are trying to communicate or negotiate with. This precipice presents itself quite often whether it has to do with deer eating the flowers, foxes hiding the outdoor furniture pillows or bird building nests in the gutters. There's a decision to make about what you will agree to and what just cannot proceed. The truly humorous part is making these decisions around and sometimes in a strange way, with, an animal that you can only communicate with in the most distant of ways. More tomorrow...

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