1. Mantra. Because oh my gawd!!! Make me available for work. To the witches and the wolves, the stardust, and the gods, the universe at large. This is how I start my day. Make me available for work. As a mother, partner, artist, author, activist, friend. Make me available for work. On the days when it all feels like too much and I don't feel so useful. Make me available for work. To be grateful to those who have created opportunity for me and so that I can hold that space open for others. Make me available for work. To family, blood and chosen, let's continue to lift each other up so we can be available for work. There is much to be done. And I love that. And I love you.

2. I’ve been thinking a lot on two concepts that I’ve heard Bono speak on pretty extensively. And yes, I see the incredible humor in the fact that nearly all my knowledge of religion comes from an aging Irish rock star. But I’m good with that, so here it goes. The first idea is to work or exist where God already is. And I use “God” in a very universal sense here. Bono does not, but I do. The thought is that we often pray for God’s ear, blessing, attention and it is pretty clear where God already is. So if you want God’s ear, do the work that God is doing. This fascinates me, especially as someone who love to take a really wide focus. I love thinking about this is a larger context. We chase so many things, wishing and hoping that what we want will become a part of what we are doing. It is an entirely different action, movement, energy, to focus on going toward where what we want already exists. Fun to think about.

3. The second piece of Bono religious goop comes from a conversation with theologian Eugene Petersen, who is fascinating in his own right and has written about a million great books including one of my favorites, Run with the Horses. Petersen talks about how he has a crucifix in every room in his house to remind him of the violent nature of man. This is another one of those running toward instead of against ideas. By remembering the violence we can reckon with the significance of our own softness. It’s deep and I’m not even sure I totally get it, but whenever I think about it I see something new.

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