Colin Meloy of The Decemberists on Song Explosion. This episode is one of my favorites. I love when I sort of kind of like an artist and then I learn about their process and it turns out they set my soul on fire. A few gems that Colin shares about the process of writing , “Once in My Life...”

“I felt blocked. Frustrated. Not really feeling like anything was coming. You know you get to those moments like, I’ll never write another song again. Like I’m tapped out that’s all I have in me. And often I’ll find if I’m stuck you remind yourself that you just need an in breath. And an in breath can be watching a movie reading a book going for a walk. You know just somehow taking in rather than putting out.”

“I think one of the best descriptions of song writing is in Winnie the Pooh. And I discovered it reading it to my kid. He’s making up a song, Winnie the Pooh does, and he’s going along he’s got a full verse and he gets stuck and he tells himself, well what if I just go back and start it again and maybe I’ll trick myself into whatever word will come next and then I’ll have a song. And actually it kind of rang a bell because I feel like that’s how I tend to work. I’ll just repeat something over and over until I find myself accidentally going into the next line. You’re the only obstacle really and often if you remove that obstacle you’ll land somewhere kind of interesting.”

“Oh for once in my life could just something go right. I honestly do think when you feel that way, to feel that put upon even if it’s you realize you are blowing things way out of proportion, I think it’s okay to do that, ya know? There’s something therapeutic about the celebration of feeling that sorry for yourself.”

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