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1. "Hope springs eternal, even in politics." Gwen Ifill. You will be missed.

2. Dave Chappelle makes me laugh. He was brilliant as always on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. If you haven't watched it yet, you should. Here's my Dave Chappelle story...About 6 years ago when Dave was spending a lot of time in San Francisco, we went to the same gym. I was 8 months pregnant and Dave was nice enough to chat me up on the treadmill one afternoon and tell me I looked beautiful. I was swollen, sweaty, and a complete hot mess. He made my day, month, and pretty much the rest of my pregnancy.

3. Art rules. I worked West Coast Craft in San Francisco this past weekend, and the crew hung posters up on the doors leading into the show that read, "Ally of all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all genders, I stand with you. You are safe and welcome in this store." Yes. Yes. Yes.

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