Congratulations to Mariano Rivera on receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Known as Mo, The Sandman, number 42, and in our house, The Closer, Mariano has one of the most impressive records in baseball. Ever. He was signed by the Yankees on February 17, 1990 and would help shape the beloved championship team of my childhood. The Core Four. He holds a very special place in my heart and I feel so lucky to have watched him grow and excel throughout his incredible career. Enter Sandman.

1) Mariano Rivera has made 96 career postseason appearances, more than any other player in baseball history. He earned the most postseason saves ever, with 42.

2) Mariano Rivera holds the MLB record for lowest playoff ERA over a career at (0.70).

3) His signature pitch ""the cutter"" was notorious for being impossible to hit, often shattering bats and fooling many an experienced player.

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