Field Notes
Lessons in Multiple Truths

Probably one of the most surprising and in many ways confusing lessons of living alongside wildlife is that there are multiple truths. No matter how intensely I might investigate or how deeply curious I might be about the behavior of our animal neighbors, the truth always seems stranger than fiction. When I collect clues and anecdotes, consult field guides and experts, what I think is one singular instance turns out to be a combination of many things happening at once. A perfectly timed dance between predator and prey. It is possible all in the same night for a raccoon to explore the trash, a fox to leave a dead rat on the deck, a coyote to sleep under the low cypress and an animal bigger than all of them leaving scat on the driveway. Somehow an understanding exists in the actual story of the night. This non-fiction is the somehow carefully coordinated dance of multiple truths.

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