1. Can’t stop watching Cobra Kai. Best work song montages ever. Plus, sweep the leg, Johnny. I’ve found my Labor Day weekend guilty pleasure.

2. Been thinking about an anecdote that’s in one of David Sedaris’s books. He’s visiting Australia and a friend of his refers to an idea that you can’t have all your burners on at once. If work is on full blast, then relationships, family, and self are creating low heat. I always liked this metaphor as it speaks to keeping somethings on a simmer instead of them being completely shut off. I’m surprised and delighted at the ease in which my burners are shifting in how they provide heat. One that I’d thought had been off for a long time is returning with the ease and strength of never having been extinguished.

3. I didn’t give my daughter the benefit of the doubt today. I’m still feeling bad about it. I’m finding comfort in the fact that we can talk and reflect on issues of trust and keep an open dialogue when I just generally blow it big time.

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