I have found myself in conversation quite a bit about the work of practice. Practice is the commitment to self to show up every day in something. That thing, is up to you. It could be yoga, meditation, walking, singing, drawing, church, sobriety. Either way you choose to practice, it's all a conscious moving toward. Something that begins to have a living quality to it, even when you are not engaged in the actual work. Kind of like how yoga and meditation have physical effects that last in the body for up to 36 hours after practice. Or how going to church or AA once a week keeps you in that practiced frame of mind. I've been working a lot on this idea of practice and at times it has seemed like it has been going nowhere. But after being given the gift of being listened to yesterday by two good friends, it seems this idea that has been growing is ready to be birthed. When all the pieces fell together for me this morning I cried. For a while. A huge relief to see the idea finally formed and holding all the elements I was hoping for. Waiting on this to manifest has been a practice. One of patience and daily writing and thought that sometimes seemed to go in a million directions at once or absolutely nowhere. But that is the magic that practice provides. Showing up for the work, committing to the ritual. It works. It really does. Even when that practice is not practicing. Practice can be not practicing too. And that might be where to real magic is. More on that later. In the meantime, I need a name for this new project.

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