Fox Field Notes

Part 6

It’s been quiet around here. The quiet becomes strange and full of wondering. I think our time with Mr. Fantastic is coming to a close. This is of course inevitable. It is a curious thing entering into a relationship with an animal that speaks an entirely different language. And lives a life with a completely different set of social rules. I first grow fond, and attached, and then connected to this relationship with wildlife. It’s a quiet one and one of observation and a sort of gentle dance. There’s an understanding that always leads to connection and one that I know will fade and shift and change with the season. There will be a last time I see Mr. Fantastic and it will be only days after that last time that I realize he has moved on. I saw him briefly the other morning in his usual spot, the front deck. He was peeking out from a giant potted cacti that we inherited from our home’s original owners. We recently dragged the massive pot to the front of the house so the cacti could join its plant friends and be in the sun. This specimen in particular happens to be quite social and has grown incredibly so in a short time just by being where all the action is. For a brief moment, Mr. Fantastic twirled around the pot, gently reminding me that the pot cracked at the beginning of the summer when we dragged it from the back slope. He peeked at us through the windows before he darted down the hill into the surrounding bedrock. It seems for now that the securing of the perimeter my husband provided has kept Mr. Fantastic from leaving us daily surprises, which I have to say none of us miss cleaning up. But I do miss thinking about what it was like for him to leave them there. Did I really understand that they were offerings, or was it all just completely random? I’d like to think it was part of our quiet knowing and guessing and wondering about each other. I do love this wild life.

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