School. It's big you guys. For all of us. No parental experience necessary here. School is the first group we experience outside of our own family group. That alone makes it fraught with anxiety, stress, and a steep learning curve. Most of us, whether we think so or not, are really bad at being in school. It's group behavior at its most intense and kids (we were all one once) use this space to explore tossing their emotional trash all over the place. Unresolved feelings about siblings, parents, fears, anxieties; school is the stage on which so much of our internal lives play out. (Later this stage becomes work...more on that another time). And as kids, most of us are really bad at this. How could we be good at it? Learning to process our feelings is a skill and one that even with awareness takes an incredibly long time to develop. So imagine a building full of kids running around having metaphoric mental and emotional vomits all over each other. All day long. Gross. And really hard to withstand. There is a long answer here, as to how to help your kids navigate and process this space with as much self awareness as they can muster, but the short answer is to remember how brave one needs to be to show up day after day. That's what we ask our kids to do. That's what was expected of us as children. To show up to a place where there is little filtration. School can be an emotional shit storm even on the best of days. And under the best of circumstances guts are required. So let's be gentle this time of year. With our kids and with ourselves. Hold on to the larger picture of the basic complications of existing in this large group as we navigate the minutia of it. And lastly find the humor in our expectation of all of this being so easy. I'm continually laughing my ass off about it.

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