The Aloe Plant

Shortly after we moved, five years ago, I bought a beautiful aloe plant. I bought it rather quickly and without much thought, as it was for a work event and I really hadn't considered its purpose further beyond adding a little visual interest to a display table. In fact I actually chose the plant to fit a bone white ceramic pot, which was at the time, a more important choice than whatever plant lived inside. Over the years, the plant has moved from room to room. Starting on my fireplace mantel, and finally finding a more permanent resting spot on a bookshelf in my studio. I water it once a week and beyond that, it has been pretty much left alone since I brought it home. While editing through some photos the other day I came upon an image of the plant shortly after I bought it. I was so surprised to see that its green leaves barely pushed past the rim of the ceramic pot. It was so tiny! Currently the plant stands over two feet above the rim of the pot and has been on my list of plants to find a place for in the dirt outside, as it seems like it's time for it to spread its roots. It occurred to me as I took in the enormous difference between the plant now and five years ago, that we've all grown that much. Maybe in ways we cannot see as well as with my sweet little aloe plant, but time has been passing and growth has been occurring all the same. We forget this. So often. We forget that we continue to grow. Even when we are not paying attention. Even as adults. Even when it seems we are stuck. Time keeps moving, which makes growth inevitable, no matter how we feel. Sure we can actively participate in that growth, choose areas to focus on, to expand and become aware, but either way, we grow. Nothing is fixed. Always moving. Even when we feel stuck. And there's something precisely beautiful about that.

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