1. "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson. I had never heard this quote before and I think it might be one of my most favorite things. With great clarity, this speaks to the critical importance of mental and emotional flexibility. Something that humans love to sidestep. We are really good at it. There is a lot in the whole wellness realm (fuck-don't get me started) that speaks to reaction. And that's nice, but the real work is in response. There's a BIG difference. And you don't get there overnight. Response involves an ability to hold mutual truths. Both sides of the coin. The neurotic and psychotic. The peaks and the valleys. Flexibility of perspective. It's being in the game of getting punched in the mouth and knowing you can still get knocked off your feet. Response is about examining the punch that landed you on your ass in the first place. Learning from it and figuring out. It's a process. A process. A process. And through awareness (that's the first part) and examination (that's the second part) we get better at taking the punches. Even if our plan was to avoid them altogether. It's not about avoiding the punch, change, or chaos. That's impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. It's about changing the way we respond to change and chaos. And that starts with accepting that the plan is just that. A plan. And instead of focusing on how smart we think we are for coming up with a "good plan" we get serious and focus on ability to remain flexible. The end.

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